Real Sort


The foundation of Real Sort is the DREAMprint process, which is customized and unique to each individual space. To learn more, click here.

Real Sort offers these primary services:

Consultation (FREE)

At your request, I will send you the Define and Design Questioniare†, along with a completed sample. Upon completion of the questionnaire, a consultation will be scheduled to analyze the space and your responses and produce a DREAMprint, personalized for the unique aspects of your space.

Room-at-a-Time† Organization ($33 per hour, $99 minimum)

Real Sort’s signature room-at-a-time approach is designed to produce immediate, obvious results and sessions are limited to three hours, with two-hour breaks in between. (Exceptions can be made for organizational emergencies.)

Three hours of concentrated organizing is a significant physical and psychological commitment.

This session will probably be unlike any attempt at organization that you have undertaken. The organizational tools employed by Real Sort are geared specifically to free you from burdensome and difficult decisions. Instead, they separate the decisions into a clear sequence, essentially organizing the process of organization!

On-Site Discussion and Planning Session ($132)

If, after we meet for your free consultation, you elect to organize your space on your own, I am available for an on-site discussion and planning session. I will return to your home for a scheduled two-hour meeting, during which we can formulate a plan and I can demonstrate the process.

Additional services offered include:

Regular Maintenance ($21 an hour)

I am happy to provide maintenance services, to assist with in the management of your organized space. During these monthly sessions, your space is restored to order and reevaluated to look for needed improvements based on patterns of usage.

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DREAMprint, the Define and Design Questioniare, and room-at-a-time are trademarks of Real Sort.