Real Sort

Frequently Asked Questions

Why all the focus on me? Can’t you just come in and organize my home or office?

While I am fully capable of entering your home/office and imposing my sense of order on it, there is a very strong likelihood that it will not reflect the reality of your life and preferences. I am interested in facilitating transformative action which empowers you. This requires your participation at the most basic level. While I can and will be with you every step of the way, if you prefer, it will be your ideal we strive to achieve; not mine or anyone else’s.

How long will it take to organize my space?

Because the answer to this question depends so much on the particulars of your space, it cannot be answered with accuracy until the 3-hour minimum has been met. Factors which affect process length include: size of space; number of contents; accessibility; effectiveness of decision-making process; and concentration of 3-hour sessions.

Why only 3-hour sessions?

Using the 5R Plan™, three hours of concentrated decision-making equates to twice the time spent in typical organizing activities.

Why one Room-at-a-Time™?

By focusing our attention on one room, we limit ourselves to a manageable project, from which immediate, visible results produce inspiration and motivation to continue. You choose the room and the incremental direction of your organizing plan; from most challenging to least challenging space, for example. Or, instead, you might elect to build confidence in yourself and Real Sort’s DREAMprint™ process, working from simple to more complicated organizational problems. The flexibility of the Room-at-a-Time™ agreement allows you to choose whether to continue with assistance or implement Real Sort’s tools on your own.

Do you want me to throw things away?

No! My interest is in facilitating the clarity you need to know what does and does not belong in your ideal space.

Will I need to rent a storage space?

If your collection of items cannot be contained on your premises, while preserving the order you envision, it might become necessary to obtain additional storage. However, in most cases, creative storage solutions can be found on site.