Real Sort

About Real Sort

Real Sort was founded by Roxana Motta to offer an alternative to the standard professional organizing experience. Although Roxana loves to make order from disorder everywhere she goes, she believes unequivocally in the principle, “Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime.”

Roxana is thrilled to inspire others to find their own sense of order and equip them with practical ways to implement that order in their lives. Roxana says, “Nothing can be better than sharing with another human being in ways which empower them for good, for life!”


DREAMprint is Real Sort’s unique 5-step process which works to clarify and create flexible solutions for the spaces in your home or office, one room at a time.


Your responses on the Define and Design Questionnaire will produce a clear plan for your RiP (Room in Progress). It is the foundational tool which will guide the process of creating your ideal space.


The next step is to completely remove the contents of the room, producing a clean slate, upon which your vision will begin to emerge.


To eliminate the stress and confusion that often accompanies organizing your home or office, Real Sort’s 5R Plan offers a simplified decision-making strategy, doing away with unnecessary deliberation.


Finally, the items which have met your criteria in the evaluation stage are allocated space in the RiP. It is during the allocation phase that we can identify which organizing accessories and equipment will best serve the functions of the RiP.


Your dream room requires management, not only for maintenance, but, also to preserve the its dynamic relevancy. As your life changes, your space must accommodate those changes and it is this continual and vital step that makes this possible.

The 5R Plan

The 5R Plan is a specialized sorting system that simply works. By creating five distinct categories into which we sort the items from your RiP, we can quickly and efficiently separate the items that belong in your dream room from those that do not.

One of the best things about the 5R Plan is that using it completely eliminates the time-wasting guesswork often associated with the organizing, allowing you to process your items in a fraction of the time that other systems might require.

Dreamprint, the Define and Design Questionaire, and the 5R Plan are trademarks of Real Sort.